Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Holy Spirit Descends (In the Form of a Drunken Persian Salesman)

So there we were at the Kettle, bottle full o' beer, and...standing on the sidewalk I turn and literally walk right into my ex-wife and her boyfriend (nice joke there, karma). We exchange pleasantries and then someone says "where to now"? So we (we being Mary, Vanessa, Polly, Shelby, Gabriel and I) end up at the Metro Diner, and what happens? Everyone orders biscuits, I mean everyone.

We're trying to decide where to go next (it seems like the party's always around the next corner, nomad-like), and Mary says "hey Vanessa's gotta hotel room". That doesn't go over well, and for reasons I don't wanna go into at the moment, we end up at a party hosted by Mr. Child Actor himself. So Polly saves me from walking into the wrong house at 1:00 in the morning, and safely inside Mr. Child Actor's house, we settle into a cabana in the backyard.

Next thing we know, a drunk Persian salesman saunters up with an impromptu lecture which goes by the title of "I can sell anything to anyone", which must be true because he promptly sold me to Polly for everything she had in the bank at that moment: $298.47.

Finally, and mercifully, Persian salesman's brother takes him home, and we follow out into the streets shortly thereafter. Dallas Texas, thanks for finally showing me a good time.

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