Sunday, November 19, 2006

Waves of Regret (Fighting)

So Friday see He had me on the ropes, hitting hard, waves of regret rolling in and over like a close friend. Working the body, a house of pain my lot. Endless the list of tasks, the places to be, the calls to make and receive, the devil to pay. Decisions past and way past due, a standing eight count, bruised and weak at the knees. In He moved to lay me down for the count.

But along came my second wind, and I started to punch back. Mischief and adventure running in the cold clean night air, spinning me around and around, with furtive glances lit by red hot coals. Suddenly I was back, joy like a wave, feeling each breath. Now I had Him back in the corner, on the defensive and knew I could go another round.

I bloodied His lip with the last flurry...a few more days like today, and I may begin to dream of going the distance and even hope for a split decision. I know He'll be back (He always is) with punches I can feel to the bone, but guess what, I'm ready now... (bell ringing)

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