Wednesday, September 30, 2009

* full moon over quanah *

(11:00 pm)
driving by the light of
jupiter following the moon
at just the right moment
the timing belt shreds

(12:00 midnight)
lying bundled in an empty field
up above, the cold night sky
football field on the road just ahead
sign says this is "indian territory"

(1:00 am)
son to tow truck driver
he was a native chief? "yep"
so how'd he get his own town name?
well...(long pause) he was an "indian"

(2:00 am)
walkin' in to quanah parker inn
sleepy indian pulls on slippers
scent of curry through open window
"good evening sir, smoking or non-smoking"?

(3:00 am)
son walks outside the smoke-free room
pulls an additive free smoke
from a pack of natural american spirit
and lights a match

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