Monday, August 31, 2009

dreams @ 7,000 ft. (pt. i)

(fluffy kitten)

in a building, i find a tiny, fluffy gray kitten, then lose it among the rooms. walking outside and down the sidewalk, in the late afternoon sun, i look up and see the kitten perched on a ledge at the top of the building, two stories up. suddenly, it leaps into the air, legs outstretched and falling, lands heavily on my chest. it's claws dig in to my skin and hold on tight.


(flying scooter)

i am in the house of family friends from fifteen years ago. they are having a party. my son is there, too. feeling as though i don't belong, i walk out into the suburban neighborhood and am suddenly zooming along on a segway scooter. someone is holding on to my back, perhaps my son, or my shadow self. the scooter picks up speed, going rapidly through a wooded park and i hold on to the handles for dear life. nearing a set of descending steps, we accelarate and ramp off the top step high into the air. gliding, i look down and realize we are way too high to land safely. i reach for the willowly tree branches to break the fall, but they are just out of reach. as we careen upside down, hundreds of feet up, i realize that i don't have to fall. it is then that we begin flying through the air in a cascading rhythm of ebb and flow.


(grandmother's apartment)

i am visiting an apartment owned by my deceased grandmother. she is there and alive, but feeble. she has leased the space to three college-age guys, who do not want me there. i tell them i am only visiting and will leave by the end of the day. at that point, they leave me alone and i walk over to the open door and lean against the door frame. closing my eyes, i go into a deep, meditative trance, my third eye firing in rushes of brilliantly colored fractal patterns, eventually coalescing into a deep saturated blue circle. then, a sense of leaving my body (or going deeper in) as heavy rhythmic vibrations begin thumping inside.

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