Monday, March 1, 2010

interconnection (three minutes sitting)

sitting, i am watching my skeleton lying on the ground.
my awareness leaves the skeleton going up to an apple on a tree.
now, i am inside the apple, looking out, a feeling of ripeness about to burst.
and on, inside a pile of fresh fruit at the grocery store.

i move down through the tree to the earth and across its surface.
stopping, inside a blade of young grass, yellow and green,
the warm sun is shining brightly on me.
bursting joyously from the ground, i spring up toward the light.

now i am a cold mountain stream moving rapidly,
over pebbles, rocks, the contours of land.
i see through the eyes of a cow grazing beside the stream.

into the heart of a mountain, solid, metallic stone.
steadiness, time changes and slows in all around me.
whirling in and through the wind now, into and out of many things.

i become a swirling mass of maggots consuming an animal carcass.
gradually, falling to a pile of dirt on the ground, and merging into the earth.
a handful of grass pushes up from this bare spot,
as i transform into buzzing flies, energetically cirling up and around.

the grass becomes a stand of verdant growth beside the stream,
which flows down the mountain, passing beside the apple tree, and on beyond.

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