Sunday, April 20, 2014

Reach Inside to See the Stars (performance)

Reach Inside to See the Stars
solo exhibition / performance
Beefhaus, Dallas

833 Exposition Avenue • Dallas TX 75226
April 26 - May 8, 2014
(opening Sat. 04.26 7-10 pm / performance at 8:30)

This show builds on themes of inner space that I explored in my first Dallas exhibition (Seeing Stars, 1992) and the discotheque/club ambience of my first performance work (One Night Stand, 1999).

It will include new work in sculpture, collage, video projection and sound installation in the main room, and a performance set in the intimate safe room at Beefhaus.

Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond (2014) latex and spray
enamel on sneakers w/mirrors, 11-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 5 in.

In this new body of work, a grouping of collage on mirror surfaces and objects embedded with mirrors to emphasize reflection, in working with the idea that identity or form is an overlay on the clear reflective nature and open qualities of awareness.
Transformation Deity (2014) collage on mirror / diptych, 12 x 24 in.

My performance will transform the safe room at Beefhaus into a tiny discotheque/temple, with strobe lights, ritual dance, and accompanying soundtrack.
Dakini Lamps (2014) collage and light on tin can w/cord, dimensions variable

Here's a link to some of the tracks I composed for the performance:

Dr. J. (2014)

Mystic Brainwaves (2014)

Drive It (2014)

And a list of previous solo exhibitions and performances:
2013 To Dissolve Space Into Luminosity, Deep Ellum Windows, Dallas
2008 Mahasukha Muthasucka, NFO-XPO, Chicago
2007 Bloom (In the Ghetto), Motherland, Chicago
2005 Diverging Roads, Deans Credit Clothing, Houston
2004 Demo Tape: 1991-2004, Commerce Street Artist Warehouse,
        Houston and Richland College, Dallas
2003 Back Alley Bodhisattvas, Plush Gallery, Dallas
2001 Heaven Is So Far Away, Plush Gallery, Dallas
1999 One Night Stand, 500X Gallery, Dallas
1996 History, J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, Dallas
1995 Transmissions, 500X Gallery, Dallas
1986 Side Street Liturgies, West Texas State University, Canyon
I have participated in group exhibitions in New York, Miami, and Santa Fe, and am currently the gallery director at El Centro College in Dallas, after directing the gallery at Richland College (1998-2009) and running Plush Gallery (2000-2012).

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