Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Bride Stripped Bare (performance)

The Bride Stripped Barea performance by
Reivin Alexandria and Randall Garrett

November 22, 2014
CorinthPark, The Cedars, Dallas
Referencing vintage horror film, Marcel Duchamp's Large Glass, and ritual incantation, the performance is a broken down ceremony examining the interplay between feminine and masculine energies as embodied in the archetypes of bride and groom.

photos (left and right) by Scott McDaniel, video still (center) by Dwayne Carter

Vows are exchanged to the sound of bells, mantras, lightning crashing and dreamlike video projections. The newlywed couple explores the duality of matter by sacrificing their bodies to the alchemy and minefield of gender archetypes and cult classic caste roles.
photos (left) by Scott McDaniel, (center and right) by Dwayne Carter
Set amidst altars evoking domesticity: the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the couple play out scenes of longing, pursuit, violence and transformation.
The Bride Stripped Bare performance video (2014)
Videography by Dwayne Carter, technical support by Patrick Patterson-Carroll,Concept, sound, and performance by Reivin Alexandria and Randall Garrett

Eyes of the Bride installation video (2014)
Readymade concept video (2014)

The Bride Stripped Bare (Performance Artifacts)
by Reivin Alexandria and Randall Garrett

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