Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Randall Garrett


New Paintings

In the Shadows (2017)
Performance Video
Shiva Shakti (2016)
Performance with Spoken Word

Dystopian Dreams (2016)
Performance with Spoken Word

Performance and Artwork




Performance and Artwork


Deep Ellum Windows, Dallas


Mexico City Suite (2017)
New Paintings

Performance Artifacts and Objects
Ritual Elements and Costumes

Writing (2017)
Dream Journal Stories:
Love, Loves, and Half a Love, Frontiers of Flight,

Unto the Sepulchre,, Buster Keaton, Tower of Shiva Tower of Shakti
Writing (2016)
Ten Days, Sweet Honey in the Rock, The Temple of My Heart,
Litany, Paradise is Burning, Round the Fires by the Shore,
Explosions in the Sky, Rainbow in a Black and White World,

At Water's Edge, Flowers on My Grave, The Aesthetics of Healing,
Nightshade, The Taste of His Love

incl. Graveyard Swag, Can I Get an Amen, Club Yamantaka, 11:11 (Listening)

incl. Apocalypse Poem, Deluge Refuge, Maya on the Midway

incl. Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen (Love, Alienation, Lust)

Spoken Word

Dallas, TX

Oak Cliff, Dallas
Randall Garrett is an artist, writer, instructor, and performer. His performance works explore questions of identity, both personal and collective. Using ritual and mythologies of the self, he navigates identifications based on gender, class, sexuality, and other cultural overlays. His works seamlessly mix performance, video, installation, costume design, sound, and spoken word. He has exhibited, curated, and performed in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Miami, and Santa Fe. In 2000, he founded the critically recognized Plush Gallery, organizing over 75 exhibitions, and has worked as Gallery Coordinator and Instructor of Art, Humanities, and Multimedia for the Dallas County Community College District since 1998.

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