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Learn to use your voice, your self-expression, as a path to growth in your life. Creative expression is not just a tool for artists, musicians, or poets. Rather, it is a foundation for how we bring ourselves to the world.

Randall Garrett | Creative Mentoring

Would you like to access your passion, your vision for life?

Are you a frustrated artist or creative?

Would you like to set and achieve goals?

Do you have unrealized potential?

Do you feel like your voice is not being heard?

Randall Garrett | Creative Mentoring

Wherever you find yourself, I will work with you to develop your life path, to find the potential in your creative expression. I will take you through the stages of accessing your own creativity, establishing the discipline of self-expression, learning to practice self-reflection, to face life's challenges and build confidence in your own creative transformation.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation.

You will learn about my Self-Discovery Session, a 90 minute session to deepen your self-awareness and chart a course for self-development. Through this session, we will develop a Personal Growth Plan to give you insight into your life path and personal goal setting.

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