Are there areas in your life in which you want to grow?

Career / Vision / Relationships

Learn to use your voice, your self-expression, as a path to growth in your life. Creative expression is not just a tool for artists, musicians, or poets. Rather, it is a foundation for how we bring ourselves to the world.

Those who are successful in business are creative in the ways they bring innovation to their field. Those who are fulfilled in life have found a reason for being, a way of expressing themselves in the world which is unique to themselves. Those who have good relationships are willing to learn and grow, to find new ways to express themselves with their significant others.

As a lifelong artist, performer, and teacher, I have thirty years of experience in bringing my unique expression to the world. I use my experience to help others grow and develop their own self-expression. Let's work together to help you identify and develop your unique vision for this life.


Find and express your unique vision for life

Understand and overcome limiting patterns

Develop and put into practice a daily growth plan

Grow your self-confidence and improve communication skills

Find and express your own personal style

Achieve specific goals in your life

Contact me today for a free initial consultation, to take a self-inventory, a set of basic questions I have developed which bring an integral approach to deepen your self-knowledge. By the end of this session, together we will have developed your own personal growth plan.