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Summer Creations

Summer is a time for action, with the warm sun and long days comes new creation.

I have been busy in the studio and on the streets, working on a new project of arte urbano, street art in Mexico City, and have also been writing this month. I'll share with you some of my recent work, and hope summer finds you active and creative too.

It was a busy night at the voting precinct in the park at my neighborhood of Moderna, as people prepare to celebrate the election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to the presidency of México. There is a mood of optimism in this moment. It presents a contrast to my own country, the cynicism, discord, and complaint on view every day. There can be many things wrong with your social / life situation, but it is important to keep a positive attitude and continue to work for what you believe in. #EleccionesMexico2018 (01 July 18)

My first installation of arte urbano on the streets of Mexico City. The installation went well, but the posters were mostly destroyed when I removed them a few days later. The used posters are to be represented in a gallery context, so I will work on the process to better preserve them. This is a continuation of the "Mundo destruido" series, investigating the process of dissolution and renewal. (02 July 18)

"Qué importa" (2018) arte urbano

Where do you get your best ideas? Mine come when I'm doing yoga, meditating, or on long solitary trips, like driving at night. Inspiration seems magical and sometimes it is, but there is a method to the magic, an arranging of circumstances that open one's mind. #creativity #ideas (10 July 18)

May all I create this day be manifest from my true self, the stillness at the center of my being. #creativity #meditation (11 July 18)

A good practice to start each day is to let go, to begin new like a baby. I do this through self-massage, Abhyanga. From the shoulders up I pull along my face and hair to gather the collected energy, and throw it out the window, imagining myself as light and free. #yoga #ayurveda (14 July 18)

If you desire growth, then try this. Each day, offer yourself in collaboration with whatever is your highest self, saying something like "I give myself today to grow, to new experience, to finding my purpose and sharing my very best with the world". #creativity #selfdevelopment (17 July 18)

When you become impatient for things to happen, remember that they emerge from the unmanifest, the stillness at your center. Focus your awareness not on what you lack, but on your true nature, and see the beauty of creation there as it springs forth. (20 July 18)

The path to #success follows #commitment to a course of action. It is good to see clearly all of your options, find what you are most attracted to, and then remove the other choices. This allows you to #focus your energies and put all of your efforts towards achieving the goal. (23 July 18)

I organized an exhibition at Oficina de Arte in Mexico City, with my friends from Neza. It was called "Mi barrio me respalda", a saying in the ghetto which means, "my neighborhood has my back". It is a great and ongoing experience to feel the creative connection and support with my new friends. (28 July 18)

For the yogi or yogini, all experience, even the extremes of ecstacy or trauma, are an opportunity to recognize and rest in your true nature. The effort to cultivate inner peace and direct recognition during those moments will lead you to a deeper self-understanding. #meditation (28 July 18)

Performance still from "Mi barrio me respalda" (28 July 18)

Try this when you are in a crowd of people. Focus on your own heart energy expanding your awareness outward to recognize others, connecting with them for a moment. As the experience deepens, you may see their energies as points of light like a luminous city at night. #mindfulness (30 July 18)

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