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Estas Vivo / You Are Alive (2020)


Estás vivo / estás respirando

You are alive / you are breathing
Por lo que esperas?

For what do you wait?
La muerte llegar para todos, inclusivo a ti

Death arrives for all, including yourself
Vivir, respirar, amar, crear, mientras puedes

Live, breathe, love, create, while you can
Este cuerpo, esta mente, este espíritu

This body, this mind, this spirit
Todo están empujando para ser libre

Everything is pushing to be free

AMERICA (2018)

América dónde esta tu sombra? Where is your shadow?

It is here, in all of the places you won't see.

The back alley apartments, the steaming kitchens,

walking in the desert heat, serving the food at your own table.

Come, find the apparition, make friends with your shadow,

or it will become the monster of your dreams,

the unconscious dread and violence of your waking life.

Dreamer, it is time. Awake.

Rainbow in a Black and White World (2016)

White, white, white, white, white, white, white.
White is the color of the new-fallen snow.
Black, black, black, black, black, black, black.
Black is the night of lovers under a new moon sky.
Brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown.
Brown is the river mud squishing between your toes.
Anthropology, criminology, ethnography, phrenology,
Oppressors and oppressed dance in karmic relief.
Separations, reparations, declarations, inhalations,
Fictitious fictions of nineteenth century pseudoscience flags unfurled.

The Temple of My Heart (2016)


If my heart were a temple, 

What kind of pilgrim would I invite in to pay homage? 

The ones who drop in from out of town, unannounced 

Lighting a candle and crossing themselves before they leave?

Or the holy day crowds, stampeding in coughing and sneezing 

Kneeling down to receive me, their minds distracted by the week ahead? 

Or the mystic, deep in ecstatic contemplation of my glories, 

Exchanging blissful energies as they wave incense before my altar? 

What kind of pilgrim would I open my doors and reveal my glory to? 

To one and to all, in the outer courts they could kneel,

But to the holy of holies only a few I'd reveal. 

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